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Half Hourly Meters

If you are looking for to reduce the rate your are paying for your Half Hourly Electricity Meter then please give our brokerage specialists a call on 0845 1948 625. We will be able to advise you of the best Electricity suppliers to speak to based on the usage data from your Half Hourly Meter readings.

A Half Hourly Meter Explained

Half Hourly Meters are specific type of electricity meter that are sometimes known as HH meters, similar to a smart meter Half Hour Meters record how much Electricity is being used every half hour and send this data directly to the energy supplier using a phone line.

What Sort Of Business Has A Half Hourly Meter?

There are many types of different businesses that use these type of meters but they all have one thing in common; high energy usage. If you business has a maximum demand of over 100kW (Kilowatt) or more in the space of any single half hour period then it is mandatory that you have a Half Hour meter installed. In total there are nearly 100,000 businesses in the UK that have Half Hourly meters, all of which have high energy usage.

How Do I Check If My Meter Is A Half Hourly One?

To see if your meter is a Half Hourly one you will need to go to the Meter and look for the supply number sticker that looks like the one shown below. If there is a double zero ’00′ next to the S then your meter is definitely a half hourly one;

example half hourly meter number sticker

It is also worth noting that if the number in the box next to the S reads ‘05’, ‘06’, ‘07’ or ‘08’ then it is possible that you could also have a half hourly meter, if you would like us to check for you then please give our brokerage specialists a call on 0845 1948 625.

What Are The Differences Between Half Hourly And Standard Electricity Pricing?

Because your Electricity supplier will be able to receive highly accurate data every half hour from your meter they will be able to give you completely bespoke pricing based on your businesses energy consumption.

How Can I Get The Best Rate For My Half Hourly Business Electricity Tariff?

In order to get the best rate for your half hour meter you will need to negotiate a bespoke price from all of the major suppliers and then compare them to find the best rate which is a highly complex process. At All About Savings we can take the hassle out of this process for you, please give our brokerage specialists a call on 0845 1948 625 for immediate assistance.

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    Here at All About Savings we have a team dedicated to helping businesses all around Britain save money on their electricity bills. Part of this team have been train specially to find the best half hourly deals.

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    As a half hourly customer it can be a little bit more difficult finding the more competitive electricity deals. But here at All About Savings we have years of experience and thousand of happy customers that are on Half Hourly Meters. We will do all of the hard work for you, from finding the cheapest price to handling your electricity switch!
  • If you would like to save money on your half hourly electricity contract then you should get in contact with All About Savings today. We have an expert team that is dedicated to helping businesses that are on half hourly contracts. They will be able to advise you on how to make sure you are no paying over the odds for your electricity, they can assist in finding you a new supplier and they can even take care of the supplier switching process on your behalf. The best thing is that our service is free and no obligation!
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