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Smart Meters

Smart meters will be installed across the UK by the end of 2019 and this is why it makes sense to have your business smart meter installed now, so you can benefit from the many advantages of using a smart meter.

A smart meter will provide you with an accurate and instant reading of your business energy usage and help you to become more efficient in calculating your consumption and thus enable you to budget like never before. Smart meters are accurate and eliminate any possibility for error and you can say goodbye to the dreaded ‘guesstimated’ invoice that takes so long to dispute wasting valuable time.

How Do Smart Meters Work

The function of a smart meter is to measure how much energy you use, very much the same as your existing gas/electric meter.  The main difference from conventional meters is that smart meters remotely send you usage data directly to your gas/electric supplier as well as providing you with valuable information relating to your usage.  This eliminates traditional meter readings where someone periodically calls to read your meter and when they don’t – you receive an estimated bill.

Some smart meters send the data via a sim card over the mobile networks and others use a Wi Fi connection which will also enable you to monitor your energy via a computer. There are also smart meters available that will allow you to access the data collected.  At All About Savings we will helpto source the best smart meter for your energy profile.

Smart Meters = Smart Benefits

A Smart meter will not reduce your consumption but it will enable you to get smart about your business usage.

Accurate and concise smart meter readings will give you the advantage of being able to adjust your consumption according to the statistics and could in effect enable you to reduce consumption and any wastage that may have previously been overlooked.  This in turn could reduce your energy bills and encourage more thrifty operations.

Once your smart meter/s are installed you will be in a position to better understand your consumption and take steps where necessary to reduce if not eliminate wastage which in turn should reduce your overall consumption and lower your energy bills.

Accurate Billing

Once installed, you will never have to face the uncertainty of an estimated bill.  This is particularly useful if you have ever had an underestimated bill and then received a whopper unexpectedly that takes the under estimate into account.  Smart metering allows you to know exactly how much energy you’re using and you will never receive an estimate again!

You will only ever pay for the actual energy you have used as your energy supplier will have accurate readings directly from your smart meter.

Costs to Install a Smart Meter

There are various supplier that offer free smart meters and others that will ‘rent’ them to you via your monthly bill.

Some suppliers will offer you a smart meter when you switch to their business energy and others offer smart meter trials.

At All About Savings we will take the hassle out of sourcing the best smart meter for your business energy and find the best solution for your business.

Existing Smart Meters

If you have already had a smart meter installed and your contract is coming to an end you can either stay with your supplier of move to another company.  Some supplier will be able to read your existing smart meter but others will not have this facility as yet.

Our All About Savings experts will be able to advise you of your options and suggest the best solution for your circumstances.  If a situation arises where you’re preferred supplied is unable to read your smart meter, it can revert to being an old fashioned meter and readings will be manual however, we would say this defeats the object and search for a supplier that offers you the best deal overall.

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