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Business Gas Termination Notice Letter Generator

This letter can be sent to your existing gas supplier to inform them you wish to terminate your existing contract when it expires.

Fill in the details for yourself, your meter, and your current supply contract, then click on the ‘Print’ button.

Step 1 - Fill in your Business Deails

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Step 2 - Fill in Current Supplier Deails

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Expiry Date

23rd Apr 2014

Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Termination Notice of Contract to Supply Gas

In accordance with your contract Terms and Conditions, I hereby give notice to terminate my Gas Supply contract with you, on the contract expiry date for the meter detailed below.

Supply 'MPRN' Number 

Contract Expiry Date 

I would be grateful if you could formally acknowledge receipt and acceptance of this Termination Notice of Contract to Supply Gas in writing by return.

Yours faithfully ,