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Winter 2013/2014 energy saving guide for businesses

Energy efficiency can be a real challenge for any business during the colder winter months. With heating systems breaking down and higher gas and electricity demands it can be a costly season. The All About Savings team have taken some … Continue reading

Business Energy – How to make a saving

The cost of energy in the United Kingdom is on the up as we all know, this is having adverse effects on businesses. All About Savings have taken a deeper look into ways in which any business can cut their … Continue reading

Calculating Business Gas & Electricity Useage

When shopping around for business gas and electricity quotes, make sure you have the correct information to insure you can negotiate the best contract tariff price. The most important thing to report accurately is you annual energy usage. This is … Continue reading

How to save energy: Public Sector

The Carbon Trust have stated that £1 billion can be saved from the public sector energy bill through the implementation of modern energy efficiency improving products and technologies. As many organisations within the public sector, such as hospitals and schools … Continue reading

Business Energy Jargon Buster

The All About Savings team has put together a glossary of common energy terms. This should help you understand some of the jargon that you might find on any business gas or electricity bill: Actual bill – An ‘actual bill’ … Continue reading

How could I benefit from switching my business energy supplier?

Energy bills represent a large portion of your company’s total outgoings. Making savings here can really save on running costs, driving up your profit margins. Business gas and electricity Shopping around can make a big impact on the rates you … Continue reading

How to save energy in the manufacturing industry

Did you know you can reduce your business energy bills by up to 20% by utilising simple, cost friendly energy saving techniques. Saving energy can start by managing your compressed air pressure, monitoring air lines for any leaks and installing … Continue reading

Energy saving guide for offices – Reduce your business electricity bills

According to the carbon trust you could cut your business electricity bills by up to 20%, by implementing simple energy-saving measures such as using more efficient lamps, turning off equipment when not in use and setting the correct room temperatures. … Continue reading

January energy saving tips for small businesses

Did you know that your business electricity costs could be cut by up to 20%, through more efficient management of energy consumption, and implementation of cost-effective measures? The big question is where to start? This is why most large businesses … Continue reading

How to have an energy efficient Christmas work party

It seems like a long time since the clocks went back, but Christmas is now creeping up on us all extremely fast. Many workplaces will have already had their Christmas parties, but for the businesses that haven’t yet here if … Continue reading

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