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Mobile Networks Are Too Far Ahead of the Game

4G is the latest ‘big thing’ in UK mobile phone technology but with EE, which stands for, Everything Everywhere, launching their version back in October 2012, the newest networks looking to launch are struggling to compete. Vodaphone has launched in … Continue reading

4G Airwave clearance almost completed

The UK’s anticipated 4G airwave clearance is almost completed, with reports saying it will be finished next Wednesday. This is great news as original plans said it would take five months longer than it actually has. Mobile engineers should be … Continue reading

Vodafone are to charge by the minute for PAYG customers

Vodafone is changing the way in which it charges it’s PAYG (pay-as-you-go) customers. They are proposing to charge its customer by the minute instead of how it is now, by the second. This move is set to increase the cost … Continue reading

Superfast broadband rollout to rural areas is criticised

Over the last couple of years the UK government has been rolling out superfast broadband to rural areas. A recent audit of the work that has been undertaken has shown that they are infect two years behind the original schedule. … Continue reading

What to Look for In Your Business Mobile Phone

So, you have decided that you and your workforce need mobile phones but what handset should you go for? The vast array of fantastic smartphones on the market today makes this decision all the harder these days. Luckily, All About … Continue reading

UK Businesses Revelling in All About Savings’ Business Telecoms Offering

Many businesses across the United Kingdom rely on their telephone system for all aspects of their operations. Whether it is calling customers, pitching for new business or getting in touch with suppliers – this is a vital part of many … Continue reading

Business Telecom Partnership Opportunities Given Huge Boost By Easy Utility Group
business telecoms

The business telecoms sector has been given a much needed shot in the arm by the news that Easy Utilities are endeavouring to find new partnerships. The company are set to increase and enhance their share of the industry by … Continue reading

New Platinum Partner For Vodaphone

Proving that you really can start from nothing and work your way up is Paul Maddocks, whose Welsh Telecoms company, Parkways, has just been sold to a communications giant. Olive Group is now a Vodaphone Platinum Partner meaning they are … Continue reading

New Bill Gives The Consumer The Power

Sectors such as energy, mobile phones, credit cards and current accounts are soon going to be forced to give their customers the personal information they hold for them in an attempt by the government to give consumers the power when … Continue reading

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